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Dress Code

Irish dance is a unique art form with unique physical requirements. What your child wears to school will likely not work for dance class. Blue jeans won't allow them to move freely; sweaters will make them overheat. Pants which are too long will make them trip, while sock feet will make them slip. There is no uniform at Rince Na Saor, just common sense guidelines which address the need for students to be able to move safely and comfortably during an hour of physical activity.

Tops: A short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt. Any long-sleeved tops must be removable.

Bottoms: Shorts or leggings, either ankle or capri length.

Athletic pants will also work as long as:

--they have straight or tapered legs--no flares

--the material is thin, not thick fleece

--pants are off the floor when the dancer is standing in bare feet. I realize many parents like to buy pants longer so children can grow into them, but in this case long pants present a safety hazard because they can cause a dancer to trip. Parents who are concerned about pants length should consider shorts or leggings, both of which can be worn a bit long without presenting a tripping hazard.


All dancers in leveled classes will need Irish dance shoes by November lst.

Soft Shoe--Irish soft shoes for girls, soft-soled jazz shoes for boys.

Hard Shoe--Irish hard shoes (all levels but Children's Level I, which uses tap shoes).

Hair: Hair must be off the face; dancers' hands must be in specific positions and are not available to adjust their hair.

Not Allowed:

Students who arrive unsafely dressed for class will watch the class instead of participating. I will notify their parents in person or by phone that they had to sit out, and there will be no refunds or credits for the missed class.

I love sharing Irish dance with my students, and I appreciate everyone's assistance in helping them dance safely and comfortably. Thank you for your cooperation, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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